Assistant services

Fiery Heart assistant services

Your personal geek

Web problem got you down? Want a little assistance getting your e-book online? Have you dreamed of holding your book in your hands? Need help setting up social networking?

Don’t gnash your teeth for hours on end. This geek can quickly solve most computer/web problems.


Unsure how to launch your web presence?

I can talk you through the options, help you configure your platform of choice, or tweak the perfect theme to your specifications. Want something custom? I can help with that, too!


Do swag and promo design mystify you?

Banners, postcards, business cards, swag, and even online-only images—let me help you craft an eye-catching design that will pass muster!

So much more

Having trouble finding someone to help with a particular task that isn’t listed here? Contact me anyway. There’s a reason I’m the go-to geek for several authors. I can point you in the right direction, do the teeth gnashing for you, or we can learn together!

Want some examples?